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About Us


Our Agency was founded in 2019 with a few basic principles: Building Leaders. Building Legacies. Our mission is to provide our clients the most affordable life insurance products to protect their families, life and income. However, never forgetting to treat our agents like family. America’s Pride Agency has partnered with the world’s leading insurance and annuity products and; provide a part-time or full-time career opportunity to those wishing to pursue a career as life insurance agents.


- Rudy Echeverria

"Bring financial literacy to every American household."

Born in Guatemala, Rudy immigrated to the U.S. when he was 13 years old.

In 2016, he started his first business and took it from $0 to a 7-figure business in just two years.
As an individual and a business owner, he understood the power of financial literacy.
Being financially educated is what made the difference in his personal and business life.

In 2019, he founded America’s Pride with a single mission: 
“To Bring Financial Literacy to every American household.”

Today, AP is educating individuals to protect their families, become entrepreneurs, and achieve their dreams to become financially literate and independent.

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We’re in the business of building leaders and legacies. Your protection, future, growth, and financial success are our top priorities.